Replacement CPU for GHD series 5, pre-programmed with Enigma code designed by temperature control experts.


3 term PID temperature control for steady as a rock temperature control.

Startup tones

At temperature tones

Auto switch off - shuts down heaters of if the unit is not used for 15mins

Thermal response detection on switch on - Unlike the original Enigma checks for a thermal response when the unit is switched on, if a response is not detected the unit shuts down. Non thermal response is caused by a broken heater or disconnected temperature sensor that leads to meltdown on original units. 

 Note: Removal and replacement of CPU requires specialist soldering tools and should only be preformed by competent engineers

Note2: Not Compatible with REV-L PCB's or any PCB with square sounder

Version History

Enigma5R4_1 11/10/2019

Bugfix - If unit switched of at temperature and them immediately switched on unit would go into shutdown as it was not possible to perform the thermal response check, modified so at set point disable the check.

Bugfix - power spike noted when software PWM routine for led is stopped (at temperature), modified the way the routine operates.

Improvement - better overshoot and temperature control

Improvement - Streamlined routines now only 860 bytes

Improvement - better non use detection and non use timer set to 15 mins

No change - LED pulsing while heating up not perfect (compared to genuine) but acceptable.

No change - Tones not perfect (compared to genuine) but acceptable.

Enigma5R3_7 29/2/2016

Bugfix - Added thermal response to heat up cycle instead of doing test at switch on

Bugfix - improved zero voltage switching to remove ticking 

Improved - LED action improved

Enigma5R3_5 17/4/2015

Added - Thermal response to test heaters

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