• GHD Repair Service Upto MK5

 We repair all models of GHD upto GHD5

NOTE: We do not repair The Eclipse or Platinum.

Some of the key features of our service

  • The fixed fee covers all electrical parts of your GHD including the PCB's (circuit boards).
  • Our 6 month warranty covers all parts not just the ones we replaced.
  • Lead and plug repairs are covered.
  • Loose plates or plates that have fallen out are covered.
  • Since we PAT test we often change items that have not yet failed, again enhancing the life of your GHD's.
  • The temperature is then checked and adjusted where required for optimal performance.
  • We are a registered business covered by public liability insurance.
  • Most GHD’s are fixed and posted the day after we receive them for repair (Monday - Friday).
  • If we can't fix your GHD's you receive a full refund and your GHD's returned.
  • You will receive a full repair summery.
  • Broken or cracked arm repairs available at an extra cost (availability dependant).
  • Scratched plate replacement available at an extra cost (availability dependant).

Sorry we no longer repair fake irons due to the time it takes to diagnose and repair problems with them, If you send us a FAKE iron we will contact you about return/disposal, please check our Fake guide lower down.

Send your GHD’s to.

Webinfusion Ltd
36 Churchill Rd

To Send your GHD’s to us Just wrap them in some bubble wrap and place in a jiffy bag or in a suitable box.
We recommend you use a 1st class recorded service or similar to send your GHD's to us and this is not covered in the repair cost, the return postage is covered and is via the service you select at checkout.
Please state your Order No, Address and a brief description of fault(s) when sending your GHD’s or use our repair form from here - Download


There are a lot of FAKE Irons around, normally models 4.0 - 4.2 and in all colours. If you send us one of these fakes we will contact you about return/disposal, if you want your Fake iron returned we will credit back your repair cost minus £5 to cover the return postage/packaging or you can have a full refund if we dispose of your Fake iron.

Ways to spot a FAKE

Fake irons may have 1 or more of the following, an original will have none of them.

  1. The mains cable is round.
  2. There is a QC sticker over the bottom plate back screw.
  3. The code is not excepted if you try to register it on the GHD site.
  4. Removal of the hinge covers doesn’t show a cross head screw on both sides.
  5. The serial number on the iron is one of the following.
561u1 cebzu 5g0ab 7s1g8 wvky9 xzhuz 4nhbn zeyuv 6a529
7awkx rsv9n y0g5p 4v177 38kkd un3kq 7kud4 g3fmx tn3ar
4nsc6 qmqn5 urr6d 666fv wr3k6 m1f0c 5xry2 7n902 sgb83
4wxut bf7k0 zkrpw 4a2rb kdkm1 mrcug 4hxmr 6zaeb d8d59
4a2rb kdkm1 mrcug 69w5k fyesx gzkvv 7opn7 9mt8z r2290
7bfas y3vpj crd18 548rw pe1kv f7w13 5qu7s 5f23n vrsfv
7ew74 cry6n 5w2yn 5xp7f un5k7 ywv8h 53v4n 470u8 ru537
599y1 kqw06 qah3e 4s1d6 qax1v rn5hy 6zrat e5g7g hzsvs
6p5y2 uxzkz t4u7e 5ggsy dnyz4 r26gc 5sn3k gs2ev 23crf
6bjie cswne td7an 45937 ywcec kqg0z 4xw5w v56zk yygvk
7ncme 0w2sr 8a20m    

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GHD Repair Service Upto MK5

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